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I finally added some new photos.... It's about time.

Looking Over The Pool At Beaches Turks 11/06

On the Bridge at Arizona's

Bronson, Everett & Ethan at the HobiCat

All Of Us For Coffee at Beaches

Running keeps all of us in shape!!!!

Out for a Cruse

Everett taking SCUBA

Down Everett Goes....

Do I Have Enough AIR????

Not A Plymouth Baracuda!

Ethan Christmas 06

Everett Got The WII !!!!!!!!! Christmas 06

Bronson Christmas 06

Everett Clapton??????????

The Good Old Days

Towers of Light

Bronson & Sue Before Prom

Bronson & Sue Before Prom Again

Bronson & Sue Before Prom and Again

Everett At Attension

He Looks Good

The Unit

He's Marching

Jackson NJ Parade

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